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Bichon Frise For Sale. Here in our shelter, our goal is to match the right Bichon pet with the right family. Every prospective adopter is interviewed by one of our volunteer adoption counselors(either in person through our live chat, or direct call). Our goal is to match the right Bichon pet with the right family.

MakING a Donation

Every year, we help to save hundreds of Bichon  Pets from abandonment, abuse and euthanasia. Some of these pets have been neglected and require vet expenses such as shots, dental care, spay and neutering and unforeseen health issues. Our Pet Shelter Rescue restores these animals’ health before they are matched with the perfect forever home.

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Our History

The Bichon Frise is of Mediterranean ancestry. His oldest ancestor is the Barbet, or Water Spaniel, from which the name Barbichon cam, later shortened to Bichon. Also descended from the Barbet are the Caniche, or Poodle, and the Maltese. They have certain similarities because of their common ancestry, but each long ago became a separate breed.

The Barbichon group of dogs evolved into four breeds: The Bichon Bolognese, the Bichon Havanese, the Bichon Maltese and the Bichon Tenerife. From the Bichon Tenerife came today’s Bichon Frise. These lively and affectionate dogs found their way from the Mediterranean area to the Canary Islands, specifically to the Island of Tenerife. They probably traveled as the companions of Spanish sailors, who may have used them as items of barter.

By the 1300’s, Italy had become a center of trade and commerce and, with the advent of the Renaissance, began a period of exploration. Now it was the Italian sailors who returned the Bichon to the continent. In Italy, the Bichon Tenerife attracted the attention of nobility and the new middle class of merchants. The dog was often groomed in the lion style, which was then a popular trim, but he should not be confused with the Little Lion Dog (Lowchen). Late in the 1400’s, as the French became enamoured of Italian culture, France invaded Italy, and the Italian influence spread north. Italian artists and scholars went north to serve in the French courts and, no doubt, carried along favorite pets.



Friendly, furry, and intelligent are general attributes of many pet breeds, but our Puppies and kittens  are especially friendly, furry, and intelligent. In fact, they’re quite adaptable and seem to get along with everyone (kids, dogs, and other cats included).

Pets are amazing  to have. They are not only amazing , but they are also one of the best companions you can get. They are very friendly, great with kids and get very attached to you and your family, but they still maintain an independent behavior so they won´t ever get on your nerves.

Finding Pets a Home

Our main goal is finding a for ever home for our Pets. Thats is why we have a 30% dicount off for all adoption prices.

What Drives Us

Our Mission

Providing a home for these Bichon pets has been our number one goal. Here at the shelter, we are a family, and trying to get a good home for these pets is what we try to make possible. The Bichon Frise  breed is one of the most energetic,soft and furry Dogs. This are the most suitable domestic Dogs, being very friendly and most importanly, very intelligent. Here at our  Shelter, providing a home for these Pets is more important to us than anything.

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“Bichon frise” literally translates to “curly lap dog,” which is certainly an accurate description of these little white dogs! Made popular by their use as circus dogs, Bichons love attention and excel in learning and performing tricks. Bichons are lively, cheerful and unconditionally devoted to their owners. They also tend to be more allergy friendly, because they are non-shedding and have hair instead of fur. Bichons are playful and affectionate, are great with children and usually weigh 10-15 lbs. as adults.

The Bichon is one of four types of what was formerly called the Barbichon group, with the other three members being the Maltese, Havanese, and the Bolognese. Believed to have developed on Tenerife in the Canary Islands, this breed is said to be a descendant of the Bichon Tenerife, a sailor’s favorite traveling dog! Since the Bichon was known for his jolly personality and compact size, he was a top choice for voyagers and eventually became a favorite amongst nobility.


The Bichon’s personality also makes him an ideal dog for those who enjoy exploring the world and are looking for a traveling companion.Considering that his ancestors were famous for their traveling exploits, this is a great dog for nomads who are constantly on the move! The easygoing nature of the Bichon makes him wonderfully adaptable to all kinds of living, whether it is larger home types, smaller apartments, or even RVs that are traveling across the country!


Described by the American Kennel Club as being a “canine comedian,” this little dog is spunky, silly, highly energetic, and very playful! Though they make good watchdogs since they enjoy using their voices, they are all bark and no bite. They have never met a stranger and their bark is pretty much always a “hello,” and never “go away.” Remember, the Bichon was bred to be a companion dog, and he won’t tolerate being left alone for long periods of time. He can become very attached to his people and can suffer separation anxiety. Still, because he was bred primarily as a companion dog, the Bichon does great with families and is excellent with children as he is so curious and spirited. However, he is a smaller dog, so he may not be the right fit for very young toddlers or rougher kids.

Do Bichon Frises make good family pets

This loving little creature gets along well with all sorts, including adults, children, and even other animals! However, although the Bichon is a very social dog, without proper training he can have a tendency to become hyper and overly excited. He can also become territorial, but this behavior can be easily discouraged with proper training and early socialization.