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This company is the best…

This company is the best… everything thing was so smooth from the first time I saw Misty’s picture until the first class delivery. We are crazy about this up. Martina

Rick H.

California | Breed: Bichon Frise

Great selection of puppies & Woody is wonderful

This Shelter has an excellent web site that is easy to use. We knew we wanted a pet, but if you weren’t sure what breed you wanted, there is a person on the phone with you to help and explain the process. Christa did a great job with us. Roxanne was our pet manager after we decided. Whenever I needed help or had questions, she responded. I didn’t care for their app, but I’m old so that probably explains that. Roxanne was very patient with me. Alexia was the person who flew Woody to us and she took very good care of him. Woody is a healthy and happy little guy. We highly recommend This Website.

Peg N.


Great experience in getting a new Puppy !!!

Ramesh M.

New Jersey

Going the extra mile to deliver joy 🐶! “Snub-nosed” breeds, like Shorkies and Shichons, have special travel requirements so they are accompanied by our Puppy Chaperones (human travel companions), who ensure your puppy arrives safely in your arms. #WeDeliverJoy

Nancy J.


Love is a warm puppy (with rolls) 💚. Go to our stories 👆🏼to see more of Hope’s wet nose moment with her forever family.

Darren P.

New Jersey

This shelter has been great in

This Shelter has been great in getting our new pet, Sweet Pea to us safely…we have heard from them as well as the night she arrived we heard directly from her Breeder…these people care about the dogs…Angel, Sweet Pea’s Puppy Nanny flew with her and kept us informed all day with texts, videos and pictures….we would recommend everyone involved in this procedure….

Kevin G.


We’ve had a great time

We’ve had a great time with Indiana He’s developing quite a personality & has bonded with our Savannah cat & seems to have doubled in size in two weeks! We love this guy & he’s become a great addition to the family

susan k.


I could not be more with my baby. Your staff facilitating the transaction unbelievably. I am very grateful to Bichon Shelter and all of your staff. Thank you for giving me the greatest love of my life.

Hope L.


We love little dexter! This

We love little dexter! This was a very reliable company to help find a good breeder. There was communication all the way through and dexter arrived to us as healthy as can be. We are so delighted with our new fur baby. Thank you Bichon Shelter!

Megan F.


Thank You  for all of your help and patience with us while we awaiting our Sweet Preston. He is just a joy in our lives and we are spoiling Him with Love, Toys, Food and lots of Attention. Thank You for being with us through the beginning of this Journey and for your continued support after Preston was delivered to us. You guys are Awesome…..Joseph A. Tristanio

Joseph T.


It was so simple, I liked the people at the other end … very personable, kind and understanding, This Shelter arranged my meeting the breeder at the airport and it became so personal that he asked if I minded that he bring his whole family because his wife and kids wanted to meet me. They arrived with the perfect puppy … I do mean perfect. The process was flawless, professional and I have the proof asleep in my arms right now. And I communicate with the family now sending pics and sharing my happiness

Gary M.


Very seamless process from start

Very seamless process from start to finish, including air transportation and transportation from airport to home. All were very responsive and informative!

Louis C.

New Jersey

Very awesome the way it

Very awesome the way it all goes down..to actually receiving our new little fury friend..thank you very much for the journey..we will definitely use you again in the near future…thank you for our new family member..

Damian T.



Lucy has been the perfect companion since her arrival two weeks ago. This Shelter kept us informed through every milestone from the moment we chose Lucy, until she arrived at our door. Her only challenge has been trying her hardest to make friends with her kitty siblings, some of whom are larger than she is. But time will bring everybody together. Thank you again, This Shelter, for this precious little companion

Mary Margaret J.